Collins-Taylor Says She Had No Motive To Lie About Sting


The state's top public safety official has defended herself before a Senate committee weighing her confirmation after she was accused of lying to investigators.
Public Safety Director Cathy Collins-Taylor said Wednesday that she was truthful when she spoke with the state watchdog looking into the cancellation of a planned sting involving inmates working at the governor's residence.

In a report on the sting, Inspector General Tom Charles accused Collins-Taylor of trying to mischaracterize the operation as a safety risk when protecting the governor from political embarrassment was a key factor.

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Collins-Taylor said Charles' findings were incorrect.

"I had no motive whatsoever to lie about my role in modifying the operation," Collins-Taylor said.

Earlier testimony at the hearing was filled with allegations, including that a top aide to Collins-Taylor sought to set up the watchdog for federal prosecution.

Homeland Security Deputy Director Earl Mack, whose ultimate boss is Collins-Taylor, said her top attorney, Josh Engel, tried to get him to leak classified information about the governor's residence to the inspector general in an effort to frame him for a criminal act, 10 Investigates' Paul Aker reported.

"If that report is released, then the setup is that person would be put under investigation," Mack said.

Engel was not available for comment on Wednesday and Collins-Taylor said an internal investigation was under way, Aker reported.

More testimony was scheduled for Thursday.

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