College senior wearing Trump shirt shows off gun in graduation photo


A college senior at the University of Tennessee is getting attention online for her graduation photo outfit.

Brenna Spencer, 22, wore a "Women for Trump" shirt with a handgun tucked in her white jeans.

Spencer tweeted the photo with the caption, "I don't take normal college graduation photos." It’s been retweeted more than 12,000 times and has more than 86,000 likes.

One user tweeted one of the top response to Brenna’s photo:

"I'm 100% pro gun but brandishing a firearm for a photo shoot or showing it off to try and look cool is just stupid. They are tools. Why brag about carrying a gun?"

Brenna tweeted back:

"Because I'm proud of my second amendment right and I want to empower other women! Absolutely, they are tools but I will always brag about being able to carry a gun to protect myself, my friends and my family!"