Cold case reward: $5,000 offered for information on 1995 killing of mother and baby

Kimberly and Daniel

Nearly 25 years after a mother and her baby were killed, there is a new push for answers and justice.

Kimberly Fulton and her 17-month-old son Daniel died in March of 1995 in Washington County. To this day, their killer walks free.

But now state and local investigators are re-focusing and redoubling their efforts to solve this cold case.

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Vera Paxton is 76 years old, and she's tired. Tired of grieving, tired of waiting.

"It's been 24 years...but I tell the kids, keep hope," she said through tears.

Her daughter, Kimberly Fulton, and grandson, 17-month-old Daniel Fulton, were found dead inside their burned-out mobile home on March 5, 1995.

Investigators say the fire was suspicious from the start. A few months after their deaths, investigators took the extraordinary step of exhuming their bodies.

A second set of autopsies produced a critical finding: it wasn't the fire that killed them.

"There was more information at that time, more evidence gathered regarding the cause of death for both victims. And we're not prepared to elaborate on that at this time," said Lt. Bruce Schuck of the Washington County Sheriff's Office. "The investigation never went dormant. It was never closed.

Every possible lead was followed up on by the Fire Marshal's office and or the sheriff's office. And then like most criminal investigations that go long term, you run out of witnesses, you run out of leads."

But investigators never forgot this case. And now it has the full attention of the Washington County Sheriff's Cold Case Unit.

"With a dedicated cold case unit, this is what we do. We focus on this case," said Schuck. "We don't have to answer burglaries or anything else. This is what we do."

They also have the resources of the Attorney General's Office and State Fire Marshal.

"Fire investigation has come a long way since 1995," said Chief Josh Hobbs of the State Fire Marshal's Office. "So our ability to articulate things and help the scene portion of this case, bring it where it needs to be, is much, much more advanced at this time."

What they need now, is information from the public.

They've posted a billboard asking for information in the Village of Beverly, and investigators say tips are already coming in.

Vera Paxton says she and Kim's surviving children have waited long enough.

"I've said for years, just let me live long enough to see who killed her. I've prayed that for 24 years," she cried. "One more day, one more day. That's what I say every day. One more day. I just want to live one more day to see if her murderer is found."

There is a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. Anyone with information is asked to call the Washington County Sheriff's office at 740-760-0760.