Clintonville chiropractor accused of inappropriately touching patients


A Clintonville chiropractor is facing almost two dozen charges from patients alleging he touched them, sexually, while under his care.

Dr. Ryan Smith has been a chiropractor since 2003. He now faces 23 charges of sexual imposition.

According to police, the 23 counts come from two patients in 2017. One person says in late January, Dr. Smith "directed her to place her arm behind her back. When she did so, Dr. Smith pressed his genitals against her hand." That patient also says Dr. Smith "directed her to rotate her shoulder. While doing so, he touched and rubbed the patient's breast."

Another patient claims in April 2017, Dr. Smith "placed her arm behind her back and began massaging her shoulder. As he did so, he pressed his body against her back, causing her hand to rub his penis." The person also claims Smith "touched and massaged the patient's breast with his hand."

In November, The Ohio State Chiropractic Board placed Dr. Smith on two years probation.

The Consent Agreement says Smith, with one patient, "admits he failed to explain the necessity of performing a procedure that involved contact with the female breast." For the other patient, the agreement says Smith "admits he failed to conduct appropriate evaluations... of the patient and failed to record a treatment plan that included the frequency, duration and procedures...for the patient's diagnosed condition."

The agreement also notes two letters of warning on Smith's file; one in 2007, the other in 2015, both for "sexual misconduct."

10TV talked with Dr. Smith at the Synergy Chiropractic Wellness Clinic, Thursday. He did not want to talk on camera and directed all questions to his attorney, who has not yet returned 10TV's calls.

Smith is scheduled to be arraigned in Franklin County Municipal Court, April 5.

Columbus Police say at least six additional people have come forward with similar accusations against Smith.

And while they are all being investigated, police say Dr. Smith could soon be facing more charges. Police say if that happens, it's possible Smith's license could be suspended.

Police also say some of the new accusers, if allegations are deemed factual, could not press charges because of the statute of limitations. However, police say if these allegations are deemed credible, the accusers could testify as witnesses in court proceedings.

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