City offering tax breaks in Columbus neighborhood


When big companies like Amazon or Facebook build facilities sometimes they get a tax break.

The thinking behind that is those new facilities will more than makeup for the tax loss.

Well, a similar deal is coming to a part of Columbus, that many say, needs it.

Only this time, you could be the beneficiary of the tax break.

This is happening in the Milo Grogan area near downtown. New homes are now coming to Milo by developer Homeport.

In return, Homeport will receive a 15-year tax break to build lease to own homes. Those tax incentives then allow Homeport to offer more affordable rent.

If other new homes are built in Milo, then those homeowners will get the 15-year tax break too.

Homeport is building 33 homes in Milo and all of them will go on the east side of Interstate 71.

That’s just one part of a major redevelopment plan for all of Milo Grogan in the coming years.

If you have questions about the Homeport development, visit their website:

If you have questions about the tax break, call the city’s residential tax incentive manager at 614-645-8530.