City of Hilliard responds to racially targeted fliers that popped up again in neighborhoods

A Hilliard area neighbor spotted this sticker posted on the back of a street sign near Hilliard Rome Road.

HILLIARD, Ohio - The city of Hilliard is responding to racially targeted fliers that have been posted in neighborhoods again.

10TV reported last week that community members in the Hilliard area would not tolerate the hateful messages, but neighbors say someone has put them up again.

"Neighbors are trying to figure out what to do next," Nikki Buskirk said.

It has happened again in Buskirk's neighborhood. She believes fliers put up in Hilliard and Columbus are racially targeted and maybe at her.

They look different this time, but the message is still the same.

"The new one said 'it's ok to be white.' I'm sad and disgusted by it all," Buskirk said.

"I think it's anybody that looks like me. Anybody's family that's like mine,"

Neighbors first spotted the fliers last week on the back of street signs near Hilliard Rome Road and Springdale Boulevard.

The community responded to those statements with one of their own.

About 200 people attended a unity rally on Sunday to send a message of love and acceptance.

But after the rally, Buskirk spotted more fliers posted to the back of street signs in her neighborhood.

Buskirk says she reported it to Hilliard police and city officials.

"Hate is hate no matter which side of the line it's on and the people of Hilliard have said we don't want it here," Buskirk said.

The city of Hilliard released a statement about the fliers:

The City of Hilliard is aware of racially-targeted fliers and stickers that have been posted on street signs in nearby neighborhoods. The Mayor and City Council are deeply disturbed and would like to release the following statement.

"Racism and hateful messages of any kind will not be tolerated in our community. The City of Hilliard fully supports racial equity and firmly believes that diversity makes our community better and stronger.

The hateful propaganda was concentrated in a neighborhood adjacent to Hilliard and the matter was investigated by the Columbus Division of Police. Even though these messages were not concentrated in Hilliard, they impact the entire community.

We want to ensure that each member of our community feels valued. Hilliard is – and always will be - a place where everyone is respected and protected."

Hate has no place in Hilliard.

The Hilliard Division of Police will take strict actions if people are found defacing any personal or public property in Hilliard."

Buskirk says now, her neighbors are on the lookout.

"We have not found out the person who's doing it," Buskirk said.

She just hopes this is the last of it.

"We are a community that is against any kind of hate. We are a welcoming community, we are a loving community," Buskirk said.

Neighbors plan to go to Monday's Hilliard City Council meeting to speak with members about the issue.