City of Hilliard helping drivers navigate roundabouts through new approach


HILLIARD, Ohio – Whether drivers hate them or love them, there is no denying that roundabouts grab the attention of approaching motorists, but one central Ohio city found many people still don’t know how to use them.

That is what prompted the City of Hilliard to launch their new #RoundaboutRules campaign.

Throughout April, Hilliard officers will target two of the city’s major roundabouts during peak morning and afternoon hours, sharing information cards to help drivers better navigate the intersections.

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Hilliard Chief of Police, Robert Fisher, told 10TV the city has seen a decrease in significant injuries caused by crashes involving roundabouts, but they would like to cut back on the number of fender benders altogether.

After digging into crash reports, the city found a few key points of confusion for motorists and from there, honed in on three rules to follow as part of the #RoundaboutRules campaign:

  1. Check the signs and choose the correct lane
  2. Yield to BOTH lanes at a multi-lane roundabout
  3. ALWAYS yield to pedestrians.

City leaders referenced research by the Risk Institute at the Ohio State University Fisher College of Business, which showed that, when used properly, roundabouts can save lives.

“One of the great things about roundabouts is their research shows that, really, there were less incidents of distracted driving because people have to be actively engaged in the driving process when going through a roundabout, unlike a traditional intersection where people sometimes go on autopilot,” said Letty Schamp, deputy city engineer for the City of Hilliard.

Moving forward, the ultimate road to safer streets and driver education will be a group effort, Chief Fisher said.

“Safety in our community is everyone's responsibility and traffic safety really is about all of us working together, whether you're driving in your car or whether you're a pedestrian on the roadway,” Fisher said. “So by paying attention to what we're doing, obeying the rules of the road, it'll help make our community safer.

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