Circleville woman re-indicted in murder for hire plot


PICKAWAY COUNTY, Ohio – The Pickaway County prosecutor’s office has indicted a Circleville woman again after an error in paperwork led to her conviction being thrown out.

Tara Lambert is accused of trying to hire someone to kill a couple.

Lambert is scheduled to be arraigned next week on two charges of conspiracy to commit aggravated murder.

The indictment alleges Lambert tried to hire a hitman in 2015.

The person she tried to hire ended up being an undercover officer.

She was initially found guilty of trying to hire someone to kill her husband’s ex-wife.

When she was sentenced in 2016 she said, “I am truly sorry for the harm that my actions have caused. I never intended for the situation to get so out of control but it did and I do accept full responsibility,”

She was acquitted of the charge of trying to kill the other person.

The victim, the mother of Lambert's husband's two children, called Lambert a "demon."

The Pickaway County prosecutor’s office said the re-indictment is not double jeopardy because the ruling about the paperwork error voided the previous case, making it seem like it never happened.