Circleville man builds iconic superhero car from the ground up


Chris Herboltzheimer of Circleville loves classic cars.

He has a garage full of beautiful cars to prove it, including the first car he ever bought, a 1965 red mustang.

Herboltzheimer has been finding cars and fixing them up for 42 years.

"A lot of them started out as basket cases,” he said.

But Herboltzheimer has a new star to his line up and it is one that any Super Hero would be envious.

Herboltzheimer has built a Bat Car from the ground up. (Yes, we know what the car is called but we cannot say it due to copyright reasons).

It took Herboltzheimer seven months to build the car and it was definitely a labor of love.

“I have always been a fan of Batman and I have talked about building one for 30 years,” Herboltzheimer said. “I finally decided I am not getting any younger so I better build it."

This Bat Car is too cool and it literally has everything under the sun from a jet engine to bat radar.

Herboltzheimer said the best thing about the car is driving it around and seeing people’s reactions.

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