Church Raises $10,000 To Help Community Members In Need Pay Water Bills


When a central Ohio church learned that dozens of homeowners in the area were about to receive water shut-off notices for late payments, its members decided to help in a big way.

Sanda and Charles McDorman said that they were a little skeptical when the water department called to say that someone paid their bill in full.

“Neither one of us knew it was coming; it was such a surprise,” said Sandra McDorman. “She said, ‘We had nothing to do with this.’”

The couple said that it had a $140 water bill it could not afford.

“We live on a limited income, and I had just contacted the utility to see if we could make a payment later, which they usually do,” Sandra said.

Little did the McDorman’s know, but a church up the road was passing out donation baskets to help community members like them.

“We partnered and worked with the city and said, ‘Tell us about a need locally,’ and they brought to us the need of water bills,” said Pastor Keith Minier of Grace Fellowship Church.

On Christmas Eve, congregation members started filling the collection baskets.

“We said, ‘We can commit $10,000 to this,’ and so we did,” Minier said.

The McDorman’s said that they were stunned that a church they did not even belong to would help them.

“It’s just so wonderful to have someone do something like this,” Sandra McDorman said. “You hear about all the bad things, it’s good this is happening, because there are a lot of good people out there.”

The McDorman family was one of 80 homeowners in the area that benefitted from the church’s donation.

The church’s give-back campaign, which has been going on for the past seven years, also has helped donate food to local pantries and even pay people’s rents. The church said that they plan to have another donation drive next year.

The McDorman’s said that receiving a donation from strangers is something they never will forget.

“It was a great thing,” Sandra McDorman said.

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