CHRISTMAS IN JULY: Cashing In On Your Closet Clutter


If you're looking to cash in on some of the clutter in your closet, we have uncovered a few secrets to success.

Clothes, shoes and purses, they can all net you some serious cash.  But there are a few secrets to getting top dollar.

A study shows most women aren't wearing at least 20 percent of the clothes in their closets. That's money in the bank if you know the top three tricks of the reselling trade:

  •  The items have to be in good condition.  No rips, tears or stains.  And the tags showing the size and care instructions should be in tact.  
  • Presentation matters. When you gather up your goods - no matter if it's kids stuff or your stuff - make sure it's clean, folded and bagged or boxed neatly. 
  • Resale experts at Style Encore in Gahanna told us how to get the most cash.

"We look for the most current styles within the last year or two," said Nirav Patel, the owner of Style Encore. "So what's in the malls is what we look for. We look at the trends, what we can sell in the store make, make an offer on it."

10TV's Karina Nova brought a bag of her own clothes to the store to see what sold best.

Patel said to make sure the items you're trying to sell are trendy and fashionable so items from five years ago probably won't sell. Also everything must be in good condition. Things you've never worn, especially clothes that still have tags on them will make you more money. And designer items sell for more too. A good resell store will check to make sure your Coach or Burberry purse is the real thing.

Patel also said to make sure everything you bring in is freshly washed.

"People bring items in the car. They keep it in the car for a few days. It starts with an odor or maybe they smoke in the car. They bring it in not knowing it's not going to air out right away."

Karina ended up making $17 off of a pair of shoes, a dress and a designer top.

There are some other things that can help your used items sell:

  • For kids toys, batteries should be included, installed and working. Stores want to know the toy works.  
  • For maternity clothes, you have to get these items back on the resale rack fast because styles change.
  • If you strike out at one location, try another.

Some shopping bloggers even say you're likely to get more cash for stuff in nicer neighborhoods.

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