CHOICES to open new domestic violence shelter in Franklin County


FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ohio — There's now a new place to stay for victims of domestic violence in Franklin County. CHOICES, the only domestic violence shelter, and 24-hour crisis hotline, has a brand new home.

The previous shelter has just 51 beds and very little space, this 55,000 square foot facility has 121 beds and room to grow. It has a completely safe and enclosed courtyard, visible children’s areas, social and quiet time spaces and a kennel for family pets.

“So that it’s safe, it’s secure but it’s also very homelike, and it’s a place where people can actually begin the healing process,” said CHOICES’ Sue Villilo.

For safety purposes, the location of the shelter is kept confidential. Anyone who needs help can call the 24-hour crisis hotline at (614) 224-HOME (4663).