Cherry blossoms in central Ohio will soon be in bloom


The last few weeks have really seen the first signs of spring. We've seen more sunshine, temperatures have warmed a little and we've even heard a few rumbles of thunder.

One sure sign of spring arrived in Washington D.C. this week — as the cherry blossoms are in peak bloom, which started on Monday. Here in central Ohio, the cherry blossoms are still in tight bud. Traditionally, a tree is considered to be in full bloom when 70 percent of its flowers have opened to their full glory.

Predicting when that will happen is tough, however. That's because the blooming of the famed trees depends on so many factors, such as how much rain/snow we've seen, how much cloud cover we've gotten, the temperature and more. As a result, experts say it's impossible to make the call more than 10 days out. As for the cherry blossoms at Franklin Park, they usually bloom two weeks after the ones in Washington D.C.

In Japan, the cherry blossom is a metaphor for life: beautiful, fragile and fleeting. Cherry blossoms are usually in bloom only up to a week after peak bloom starts. If we see cool and calm conditions, that time frame can be extended by about a week. So, when the trees start to wake up in central Ohio, get out and see them because the show won't last long.