Central Ohio Trauma System prepares for patients in weather disaster


GROVE CITY -- The community of Grove City is still cleaning up from a tornado that ripped through an area damaging hundreds of homes and knocking out power for a week.

Wednesday the community was faced with another disaster but this time it wasn’t real.

Volunteers gathered at the Grove City Church of the Nazarene to become disaster victims.

It is all a part of an annual drill by the Central Ohio Trauma System. The goal today was to test central Ohio hospitals for a mass disaster.

“If there were ever something, have something happen in Columbus, our hospitals need to be prepared.” Sara Jones, who is one of the event coordinators, said.

About three hundred volunteers were assigned fake injuries caused by a fake weather event.

Those injuries included everything from cuts and bruises to lost limbs as make-up artists went to work trying to make the injuries look as real as possible.

Nursing student Caroline Holden volunteered with the hope that she could gain some valuable knowledge on what hospitals have to go through during a real emergency.

“You never know until you're in the situation but I think we are prepared for it," she said.

The three hundred mock victims were then taken to 12 different hospitals where emergency rooms were tested for their response.

It’s something no hospital ever wants to go through but if they do, they hope drills like this will make sure they’re prepared.