Central Ohio nonprofit behind container project facing backlash


First time home buyer Sherri Sims said her dream of a new home turned into a nightmare after construction on her new container home came to a screeching halt.

Sims says she was on the top of the world at the January 2018 groundbreaking ceremony of a 25-unit shipping container apartment unit and her single family home.

“Me personally I just wanted something different,” Sims said. “This came along and so it just sort of made sense.”

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The home was slated to be a trendsetter for central Ohio. Sims’ nearly 1,200 square foot container home would feature three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The project was the brainchild of nonprofit founder Michele Reynolds.

Sims says for months there were no updates, no communication. She says the builders and project managers went radio silent.

The home on Bassett Avenue is less than 50 percent complete. This homebuyer says 18 months after she began the process, Michele apologized for the incomplete work and refunded her deposit.

“I emotionally was invested in that home, I have things that I’ve been keeping to put in my new home,” Sims said. “I feel let down, I really feel let down.”

The non-profit "Something Into Nothing Real Estate" behind the container home project and the neighboring container apartment complex denied 10TV's request for an interview but issued a statement:

"As a non-profit we are suffering after trusting the previous development team to execute this project in accordance with the correct time and cost schedules. We have experienced significant financial loss and been forced to deviate from this project's original mission; to provide an affordable and safe home to Ms. Sims.

As a result of the many difficulties related to the completion of this construction project, we empathize with Ms. Sims. As a dedicated social enterprise, NISRE’s core mission has always been to offer much-needed support and assistance to those who deserve a second chance and we will continue to do that as we move forward.

We appreciate the opportunity to share our truth on this matter. This will be the only comment offered by NISRE at this time."