Central Ohio native is leading force behind women of 'Star Wars' novel

(Damon Young/WBNS)

ROSS COUNTY, Ohio - An author with central Ohio roots specializes in taking readers to a galaxy far, far away. But for her, it all began in Ross County.

"I grew up in Frankfort, it's a pretty small town," Amy Radcliffe said. "I moved to LA in my mid 20's It's just I need the change I wanted something different I wanted warmer weather."

Radcliffe started off writing her own personal blog. She eventually picked up work with LucasFilm and Nerdist. Then, she got a message she wasn't expecting.

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"It was just a dream e-mail that was like, 'hey, are you interested in writing this Star Wars book? Do you want to talk about it?'," Radcliffe recalled. "I'm like yeah, of course, I want to talk about it."

Radcliffe ended up with a new project: Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy. The book gives fans and illustrated look at 75 female characters from across films, fiction, comics, animation, and games in the Star Wars franchise.

"Maybe they'll read about a character in here that they didn't know about and be like... 'Oh, I'll go pick up this novel or comic' and realize there's actually this big world past the films- which are great- but I can just keep exploring and finding someone that they relate to."

If you are interested in meeting Radcliffe, she will be signing copies of 'Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy' at Wheatberry Books in Chillicothe on Saturday, December 8 from 1-3 p.m.