Central Ohio drunk driving arrests up to 20% in 2016

Route 23 at Cheshire Rd

Numbers from the Ohio State Highway Patrol show a spike in OVI Enforcement in 2016 compared to 2015.

There were 3,613 incidents of operating a vehicle while intoxicated in 2015. There are 4,359 OVI Enforcement actions for 2016 as recent as December 26. That amounts to a 20.6% increase year-to-year.

"Christmas Eve and New Years Day. It's about 27 deaths for the year. I'm hoping that it's gone down for the year," sad OSHP Sergeant Raquel Upshaw-Culp.

10TV went to Delaware to talk to drivers because that area witnessed a spike in 2016 traffic deaths. There were 10 deaths in or around the city's highways in 2016, more than cities of similar size.

"I'm surprised by that, especially with the availability of ride-sharing options on the rise," said Katie Exline.

Clark Hotaling said he's heard mixed messages on drinking and driving, "Basically just telling people to keep your mouth shut if you're pulled over. So it's very interesting to hear a radio show saying it's OK to drink and drive to a limit "

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