Cellphone video shows Franklin Twp. police officer kicking handcuffed suspect in head

Cellphone video shows Franklin Twp. police officer kicking handcuffed suspect in head
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Officer on leave

An 18-year old Columbus man who police say drove 90 miles per hour through residential neighborhoods is now facing a charge of fleeing from police.

But it's what happened after his arrest that has an officer on administrative leave.

Franklin Township police say the pursuit started May 1 on Harrisburg Pike and Eakin Road on city's Southwest side.

The suspect, Anthony Foster Junior, was originally stopped for no registration, according to the police report.

Police say, Foster did not pull over and fled " slamming on his brakes several times in an attempt to make the officer lose control and strike his vehicle from the rear."

The reports say Foster was driving around 80 miles per hour along on Holly Hill Road.

The incident report says Foster " drove through several yards, jumping a driveway and attempted to make it back on the street where the suspect's vehicle struck and officers vehicle."

Once police stopped Foster's car, and he was arrested, someone began filming the officers involved in his arrest. That video was posted on Twitter and went viral with more than 11,000 people re-tweeting the post.

The cell phone video shows one officer holding the suspect's hands behind him, while another officer comes around and kicks the suspect in the head.

Joe Landusky represents the suspect.

"When I look at the video when I see a kid lying in the street motionless and another individual coming around wearing a police uniform nonchalantly kicking in the head like a football it's not something that's nice to watch. I don't know what happened leading up to this, he's charged with certain things I don't know whether he was involved with those things are not and he's presumed innocent," he said.

Columbus attorney Mark Collins confirmed that he represents Franklin Township Officer Rob Wells and Wells was placed on administrative leave as a result of the video.

Collins told 10 Investigates his client was not aware that the suspect was in custody.

“My client did not know he was in handcuffs and in custody. He thought he was resisting,” Mark Collins told 10 Investigates.

Statement from Franklin Township Police Chief Byron Smith:

My office was advised Tuesday evening of a police-involved vehicle pursuit, during the [course] of the investigation a video surfaced showing possible officer misconduct. The involved officer has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. This department will not tolerate officer misconduct. More details will follow when the investigation concludes.

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