Cell phone video shows students fighting with CCS bus driver


Cell phone video published on Twitter shows a fist fight between several students and a bus driver at Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center.

The incident happened March 9 around dismissal at 2:30 p.m.

According to an incident report filed with Columbus Police, three students assaulted a bus driver. One student was 16-years old, the other two were 17.

The 18-second video starts just outside of a Columbus City School bus on Fort Hayes' campus.

It shows a 53-year-old bus driver going head to head with a student.

The student curses at the driver just before the driver swings toward the student and misses.

Seconds later, another student comes behind the driver and throws a punch at the driver. The driver is then seen falling to the ground.

While the driver is laying on the pavement, several students run toward him and appear to hit him again.

The incident report says the driver suffered minor injuries.

Columbus City school officials say the bus driver involved in this incident was taken off the road Monday.

It is unclear if or how the driver and/or students will be reprimanded.