CCS Board seeks input from parents on new superintendent


As a parent in the district and a graduate of Eastmoor Academy, Mia Prewitt says she cares about Columbus City Schools.

“It's vital we continue the growth of Columbus City schools and that we take it to the next level,” Prewitt said.

She says the opportunity to share her opinion on what she’s seeking from the next superintendent is a task that shouldn't be taken lightly.

“The superintendent has to be a leader, the superintendent has to be passionate, they have to be driven,” Prewitt said.

“It is vital we have someone who is a leader.”

This district parent was one of dozens to attend the first of four community forums hosted at Northland High School. The forum is an opportunity for community members and parents to share their thoughts with member of a search committee hire by the district.

The moderator asked participants to focus on three questions; What’s going right with the district, what challenges are plaguing the district, and what qualities would you want to see in the next superintendent.

Michael Cole, Vice President of the Columbus City School Board says, the comments are tabulated and the search committee will work on producing candidates based on what the stake holders say their district needs.

A final candidate should be selected by January or February of 2018.

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