CCAD students plan to 'unplug' for an entire day


Would you be able to go without your phone for an entire day? Our phones have become something most of us can't seem to live without.

Students at Columbus College of Art and Design are challenging their peers to put the phones down for a day and make real connections. It’s called Unplugged Day and it’s happening Wednesday.

The student government decided to hold the day, knowing electronics can have a negative impact on mental health and wellness.

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They’re encouraging everyone on campus to not text, email or use social media and only use electronics for school work.

“If we’re able to take away technology and encourage more face to face interaction, then maybe we can get a little more connected and feel a little bit better,” said Student Government Vice President Abbey Sutula.

The students are hoping to make this an annual event and hope it catches on to other college campuses.