CBJ Fans Use Hashtag As Battle Cry


If fans seem a little more fired up lately, that first ever playoff win has a whole lot to do with it.

But so do these guys.

Call them the minds and the fast fingers behind a social media Blue Jackets battle cry that has taken on a life of its own

The creative genius and founding father of the Fifth Line is TJ Nocar.

As TJ tells it, during one of his late night idea sessions, he came up with a picture and matched "#WeAreThe5thLine’ to it.

“Saturday morning I get a text from the CBJ Artillery saying, ‘hey we like the 5th line thing.  We're gonna make it a hashtag and roll with it.’”

They put it on their Twitter page and the rest is history.

"The ‘WeAreThe5thLine’ hashtag has been used nearly 25,000 times and it's been trending every day since we rolled that out.  That's pretty cool; it's really cool,” says CBJ Artillery creator Jordan Mills.

So what is the 5th line?

In hockey there are four forward lines.  TJ says the fans represent the fifth.  The goal is team spirit.

Matt Pfeffer, CBJ Artillery founding member, says he wants to fire up fellow Blue Jacket fans.  “We’ve empowered a fan base that needed an identity.”

And fans have responded.  #WeAreThe5thLine is popping up on t-shirts, restaurant signs and banners out windows.

The CBJ faithful also show their 5th line pride at the games in all different ways.  Players use the hashtag, too.

“I think it's pretty clever to have a motto like that, especially with the best fans in the league,” says Blue Jackets defenseman James Wisniewski.

For Jordan Mills, he says the 5th line mantra is something the fans can call their own for years to come in Columbus.  “I don't see this hashtag or the 5th line going away anytime soon.”