Catching up with the toddler basketball phenomenon from Westerville


We first met Calvin Shannon of Westerville last year when he was 2 years old. We stumbled on to him when a video posted by his parents on social media went viral.

It showed Calvin shooting the basketball and making four shots in a row.

A year later and Calvin is now 3 years old and basketball is still the most important thing in his life. He has endless energy when it comes to shooting the basketball.

“Everything revolves around basketball.” his mother Heather Shannon said. “ I mean he is obsessed. I have never seen a toddler stay focused on something that long."

His parents continue to post his amazing shots on social media and they continue to go viral. One of those videos was spotted by the Harlem Globetrotters and they wanted to meet little Calvin in person.

The Globetrotters are recognized as the greatest trick shot artists in the world and they wanted to see what Calvin was all about. Calvin, always the showman, and he did not disappoint.

As a matter of fact, he dazzled Globetrotter Player Zeus McClurkin.

"He has a touch for the basketball that I did not develop until my 20's,” McClurkin said. “I still don't know if I could shoot it as good as Calvin did today."

So keep an eye on social media for more amazing shots from Calvin.

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