Cars vandalized with spray paint in west Columbus


Residents of a west Columbus apartment complex had a rude awakening this week. Their cars, parked right outside their homes, spray painted in red, yellow and blue.

The vandalism happened at the Wilson Court Apartments. Parkash Sin's car was one of the worst.

The damage on his car was in yellow spray paint from his rear back door to the passenger door and on the driver side was the word "slave."

"Thank God there was snow and ice on the car and we were able to remove it," he said.

Other residents' cars had the word "USA" spray-painted on them. Another car had "Trump" in capital letters with red spray on the rear bumper and trunk.

All of the cars were parked next to each other.

"Definitely I feel safe here, but I don't know why it happened," Sin said.

The complex has surveillance cameras but the manager said the vandalism happened outside the view of the camera.

Sin said he's lived here six months without an issue.

"I have no problem with anybody," said Sin.

The owners of the vandalized cars were able to get the paint off. But they were still left with many questions and a message for the person responsible.

"I would to say to him please don't do it, that's all be a nice citizen be a mature person don't do this nonsense," he said.

According to Columbus Police records over the past month, the apartment complex has not seen a spike in crime.

Police said because there was no suspect information provided the case can't move forward.

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