Cap City inspires man to run from his addiction


When Danny Webb decided to run in the 2018 Cap City Half Marathon, the former high school track star considered another opportunity to put some distance between the person he used to be, “That person was a guy who was a criminal did a lot of drugs hurt everybody in my life and didn't care about anybody but myself,” Webb said.

Webb has gone the distance from drug addiction. He said it started with alcohol when he was only 12 years old and progressed from there to include painkillers, LSD, and even harder drugs when he moved to Chicago, “Cocaine, heroin-- that's where I experienced some of those drugs for the first time.”

Eventually Webb would pay the cost for the 'experience' of life addicted drugs by losing everything. The loss included his wife and newborn along with other family members who wanted nothing to do with him.

Webb can't quite explain the moment he knew he had to stop using. He said that once he got into treatment, his life took a turn for the better. Webb’s recovery has allowed him to be clean for five years and to reconnect with his son, his sister, and his passion for running. Since 2017, Webb has taken on four marathons: Columbus, New York City, San Diego and in Los Angeles.

Webb said the Cap City Half represents another chance at redemption, “Slowly but surely I have been restored to who I was to begin with now I look in the mirror and think I remember this guy.”

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