Candidates for Ohio governor square off at same event


Speaking before the Ohio Association of Regional Councils Tuesday, which serves more than 1,500 local governments, Democrat Richard Cordray, and Attorney General Mike DeWine found themselves at odds with each other on a variety of topics.

While the two never shared the same stage; they answered similar questions.

Cordray took aim at the state's opioid epidemic laying blame on DeWine.

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"On his watch, the opioid deaths tripled in Ohio, that's a fact there's no wishing that away," he said.

DeWine responded, "Well it's absurd I don't think anybody thinks I'm responsible for the opioid drug problem. If Mr. Codray thinks he can convince Ohioans of that I don't think that will happen," he said.

Ohio's failing infrastructure was the topic many at the event wanted to hear about. The American Society of Civil Engineers gave the state a D+.

The group is concerned about not having enough money to make critical repairs.

DeWine said he would have a blue ribbon panel come up with ideas.

"We'll put together a group and give them a short period of time and do a quick assessment, " he said.

Cordray says once elected he will ask for and believes voters will approve a bond financing package to make needed repairs.

"Blue ribbon commissions are often an excuse for not being ready to lead," he said.

Attorney General DeWine says if he's elected he would double the number of task forces in the state to arrest members of drug cartels coming from Mexico.

Democrat Richard Cordray says if he's elected he would like to improve access to health care.

Both men agree more needs to be done to ensure high school graduates are job ready.