A busy schedule is no excuse: You can find 10-20 minutes a day to be physically active


We're always looking for ways to "Commit to be Fit." But for many of us, a hectic work schedule can leave little time for exercise.

If you have a job that keeps you on your feet, that's great! Keep moving and burning those calories. But for those with a desk job, how do you stay active when you're stuck at work?

We asked Columbus Public Health Commissioner Dr. Mysheika Roberts for a few helpful tips.

Dr. Roberts said, "One of the things you can do is try and stand. Many people now have standing desks, which are great. But even if you don’t have a standing desk, you can take a conference call standing. Just that standing, that effort of standing is great in burning calories. And it helps keep your alignment together and things of that nature. Another thing you can do while sitting at your desk is you can sit on an exercise ball. I know a lot of my colleagues do that and it's a great thing for posture. It really helps your core muscles. So that's something you can do. And then the easiest thing, and I actually have colleagues that do this every day around here is you can go for a walk at your break."

Staying active during your work day is not just good for your body. Dr. Roberts says taking time away from your work to get some fresh air and do something different is a good way to relax yourself and cleanse your mind...and that will allow you to better focus on the work you need to do.