Business Owner Halts Private Party After Involvement Of Young Girls


A Bexley business owner shut down a private party after she said young girls were serving older men in revealing outfits.

Billy Strickland owns C'est Si Bon Café and said she was contacted by a young woman to rent the place April 26 for an event.

“She said it was a non-profit event, that it was just a get together with other girls to throw a party,” she said. “I kept asking for the name and the itinerary with it being performances.”

Strickland said she was still uneasy about the event and that feeling escalated when the girls began to arrive.

“Initially there was a girl from Toledo, her mother dropped her off, she was 14,” she said.

She said two more girls under 18 showed up and a few older women arrived. Then that’s when they started to change into outfits.

“When I say costume, it was French maid, thigh high boots and kind of like bustier cleavage showing,” Strickland said. “They would be serving, they call the men master and that they would be hand serving them their food.”

The girls were apparently preparing for what is called a ‘Maid Café.’ They started in Japan in the early 2000s where women dress up in costume, serve food and perform.

“I’m a parent and I said I have to make a decision on the safety of these girls because there are no parents here,” Strickland said. “I said I’m not allowing this to go on.”

After shutting down and closing the shop, Strickland said there was a line of older men waiting outside.

The group is called Joyyou Maid Café. The group’s Facebook page addressed the recent issue and said that “they’re dedicated to the idea of a safe and fun environment” and that all servers are volunteers, legal age to work and have parental permission. Joyyou is not listed as a 501C3 organization.

Strickland did file a police report but police said there was nothing illegal about the event.

Strickland stands by her decision to cancel the event. As a parent of six kids, she hopes this is a reminder to all parents.

“As a parent, just always be aware of what your children are involved in and guard them,” she said.

Joyyou Maid Café released an additional statement stating:

"Unfortunately there were misconceptions on the part of the owner about the nature of our volunteers and while I wish she could've seen our event for the family friendly event that it is, we'll continue to bring diversity to Columbus in a fun and safe way for all ages."