Business executive has run every Cap City Half Marathon since it began


A business executive in Columbus is also a veteran Capital City Half Marathon runner.

Jeff Baldwin has never missed a race. He has the medals dating back to 2004 to prove it.

14 years ago, only about 2,500 people participated in the race. Today, around 13,000 people will take part in The OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon.

Baldwin said he started running Cap City after a bet with a friend. It was a verbal commitment to each other to commit to be fit.

“We made a joke of it and I ran in the second year and never really intended to continue on or really didn't have any plans to, but just kept running year after year,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin admits he’s not exactly in love with running, but says crossing the finish line has it’s own reward.

“I’m just a weekend warrior, not one of the elite runners. Doesn't seem like much 13 and a half miles until your starting to run up those last hills into downtown.”

Baldwin has watched as the race and the city of Columbus has grown over the last 15 years.

“When you’re running through the downtown area the last few years, you see the people on the side of the street and you see the activity, the energy and what downtown really brings. And this is our chance to showcase our city,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin’s wife and children will be waiting for him at the finish line as they always do.

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