Buckeye Lake Police Officer Facing Possible Suspension For Handling Of Drunken-Driving Incident


A Buckeye Lake police officer is facing a permanent write-up and possible suspension for his handling of a drunken-driving incident in late May, according to The Newark Advocate.

Early on May 31, an officer pulled a vehicle over inside of Leisure Village mobile home park, Chief James Hanzey told the paper. The vehicle’s driver was found to be intoxicated after she failed a field sobriety test.

The driver was taken to the Hebron Police Department to conduct a breath test.

According to Hanzey, the Buckeye Lake Police Department has a breath testing machine but not every officer and employee has been trained on how to use it properly.

Among those who are not trained to use the machine is the officer in the incident, according to the Newark Advocate.

While at the Hebron Police Department, the driver did not register an adequate breath sample so she was asked to give a urine sample, according to Hanzey.

According to the Advocate, the police officer did not call a female officer to supervise the sample collection and instead supervised it himself.

Buckeye Lake Police did not have a policy for collecting bodily fluids to be used as evidence but has since then created one, the paper reported.

The driver has had charges against her dismissed due to the handling of the situation, according to The Advocate.

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