Buckeye Lake dam project completed ahead of schedule and under budget


It's been three years of chain link fences, low water levels, and few visitors. But finally, Buckeye Lake is fully back open and looking toward a prosperous future.

The dam project is done and state officials are touting it was done under budget and in less time.

They say it was originally supposed to take five years and cost $150 million. Instead, it took three years and cost $107 million.

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After years of low water levels, chain link fences and few visitors, residents hope the lake returns to normal with holiday celebrations and water activities.

“We haven’t been able to do that for the last couple of years, we’re looking forward to really getting back to having the lake like it was and even better,” said resident Lisa Durant.

After taking two years off, the Fourth of July fireworks are expected to be back on in 2019.