Buckeye Lake business looking to hire seasonal help after record-breaking summer


Do you know the story of Papa Boo?

He was a bone-setter, back in the day, or what we would call today: chiropractor.

Long story short, Papa Boo straightened things out. Something Jeff Craiglow is trying to do.

The manager at Papa Boo's at Buckeye Lake knows how bad it was.

"We just...we got hit hard," he said.

When the lake was deemed at risk for catastrophic failure in 2015, Craiglow says Papa Boo's business went down 46 percent.

"The first year that they did it, we probably cut staff by at least 50 percent," he said.

But, slow and steady, like the water at his docks, business is rising.

Craiglow says in 2017, business was the best he's ever seen.

"In the past 18 years that Cristy's Pizza has owned Papa Boo's, it was the most successful season that we've had," he said.

2018 is building on that success.

"There's a lot of people looking for jobs out there," Craiglow said.

Next week, Craiglow is having open interviews. Papa Boo's is looking for employees for the seasonal help, including managers, servers, food runners, kitchen help, dock and parking attendants.

He says pay ranges between $6 and $10 an hour, but with tips some employees could see up to $35 an hour.

"Any imaginable position that we can come up with that's going to make the customer's experience better here, that's what we're going for," he said.

A good sign things at Buckeye Lake are getting straightened out.

Interviews will be the week of March 19 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Papa Boo's in Thornville at 11356 Avondale Road. Applicants should be at least 16 years old.

The water is currently at winter pool level. Craiglow expects the water to reach the interim summer level by Memorial Day at two decimal feet. He hopes by Memorial Day, 2019, water levels will return to normal summer pool at three decimal feet.