Bringing fantasy to life at Griggs Reservoir


COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A live action role-playing group, called AMTGARD, brings fantasy to life every Sunday at Griggs Reservoir.

"We are a foam fantasy fighting LARP. We do sword fighting with foam weapons and other weapons as well. Bows and other things that go on on the field," Branden Webb said. "We try to recreate fantasy settings like Lord of the Rings, Conan the Barbarian."

Part of the fun is dressing for the part. You might call this a video game that meets real life but with foam weapons.

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"You will see people like me wearing kilts and colors," Webb said. "We got a Gorgon running around out here, we got a Medusa. I have seen people dressed up as Saders and dragons and all kinds of stuff."

For the record, a Gorgon is from Greek mythology.

"It is fun. It is very stress relieving," Webb said. "You can come out and learn arts and craft, play pretend for a little while and hit your friends with foam sticks."

If this is something you are into, you are more than welcome to join them on any Sunday. It is free of charge and they will be more than happy to get you started.

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