Bride brings wedding to father at Wexner Medical Center

Photos Courtesy of Janae Price

RICHWOOD - Steve Price hoped someday to watch one of his four daughters be married inside the 100-year-old hay barn he worked years to restore.

Other children had married and had receptions inside the barn, but none was married inside. Janea was set to be the first.

But when a severe case of pancreatitis left her dad bedridden in the hospital, Janea thought that maybe her dad would get better in time for the wedding. He didn't.

Not to be deterred, Janea decided there was no chance she would let her dad miss this important day.

"There were thoughts of me not even getting married. I had the perfect man and I talked to my dad and he said you're getting married whether I'm there or not," she said.

The two share a special father-daughter bond.

"He's just an amazing guy and I'm very blessed for him to be my dad, " she said.

So with some quick planning, she and her wedding team decided to surprise her dad at the Wexner Medical Center.

Janae wasn't going to allow a father/daughter dance to be missed.

With the help of Steve's nurse, he convinced him it was time to get an X-ray, but it was a lie. His daughter was waiting for him along with the wedding party.

The two danced to Darius Rucker's " It Won't Be Like This For Long." But there was more.

"For him not to be able to walk me down the aisle it was very difficult because that's always been his dream to do that," she said.

With the help of an iPad and a camera inside that old barn, Steve was able to attend the wedding virtually. He was even heard giving his daughter away.

August 11, 2018, won't mean a lot to most of us, but to this bride and her family, a memory was made that can not be erased.

Thanks in part to technology that allowed a dad to walk down the virtual aisle with his daughter, and left a father/daughter bond unbroken.