Brick wall collapse crushes 7 cars in north Columbus


The wind might be to blame for a brick wall collapse that smashed seven parked cars in north Columbus.

It happened Friday afternoon at the Harvard Square apartment complex off of West Henderson Road.

Some people spent the day digging out their cars from under the brick.

"I just kept saying oh my God, oh my God," Charlene Woods said.

You had to see it to believe, and still, some didn't.

"We all came out and were in total disbelief," Rebecca Thomas said.

Employees at Upreach LLC heard an unusual sound in the middle of the and when they went outside to look they saw the damage.

"It was windy, but it's a brick wall," Thomas said.

A brick wall had come crashing down onto seven parked cars in the lot.

"There was debris and cinder blocks and rubble all the way up on the passenger side," Woods said.

Windshield were crushed, windows shattered and some cars were still stuck under the heavy piles of cement.

"The mirror's gone and the window is shattered," Thomas said.

The brick wall is a part of the Harvard Square apartment complex.

Car owners say the only explanation they were given for the cause is possibly the wind.

"Someone had to have backed into the wall or something but no one actually saw it they just heard and then there was nothing there," Thomas said.

While the whole ordeal has been a nightmare for some, they're still thankful no one got hurt.

"We are blessed that everybody is ok. It's a car. Cars can be replaced but it's still an absolute inconvenience," Woods said.

Car owners say they are working with the apartment complex to sort out insurance claims and repairs.