Brian Golsby found guilty on all counts in the death of Reagan Tokes


Jurors deliberated the fate of Brian Golsby for nearly six hours Tuesday before finding him guilty on all counts for the kidnapping, rape and murder of Ohio State student Reagan Tokes.

Golsby, a convicted violent and sexual offender, stared ahead as the verdict was read.

He now adds convicted killer to his lengthy rap sheet.

Judge Mark Serrott read the verdict as Tokes' mother, Lisa McCrary-Tokes, her sister McKenzie wept. Toby Tokes held them as they sat in the front row bench behind the prosecution.

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien said he was satisfied with the verdict and told reporters that he would ask jurors for the death penalty phase of the trial, which is set to begin on Friday.

The defense team is expected to call witnesses - including a psychologist who will testify about Golsby's mental state and his traumatic childhood.

When asked what stuck out about this case, O'Brien said that Tokes was "everyone's sister, everyone's female family member and this case is a woman's worst nightmare."

Defense attorney Diane Menashe declined to comment.

During their closing arguments, prosecutors called Golsby a "cold blooded killer" and said that the evidence against him was overwhelming.

Golsby, a convicted felon, had been released from prison three months before Tokes' death. He was assigned a GPS ankle monitor, but as 10 Investigates has reported, he was not closely monitored.

(There are conflicting statements - between interviews conducted by 10 Investigates and witness testimony - about whether Golsby had been assigned inclusion or exclusions zones that would have restricted his movements. Golsby was sanctioned for being caught AWOL from his halfway house and failing to charge the GPS device. A parole hearing was set up to address this in 2017 but Golsby was arrested for Tokes' murder before that hearing occurred, according to witness testimony).

During Tuesday's closing arguments, Assistant Prosecutor Jennifer Rauch told jurors that GPS data was 95 percent accurate within 30 feet. And that the data places him in several places where Tokes was on the night of her disappearance and murder -- including the Short North area.

"He's walking, walking, walking. And what's he doing? Looking, looking, looking," she said.

She then walked jurors through the night of February 8, 2017. She reminded jurors how Golsby's GPS data shows him driving in Reagan Tokes' car, how it places him at a Chase bank in the German Village area around the time Tokes is withdrawing cash.

She reminded jurors of how his GPS tracks him through that area - and to another point in German Village where prosecutors alleged that Golsby raped Tokes.

She concluded by saying that the GPS device also tracked them to Scioto Grove Metro Park where prosecutors say she was forced to strip naked and was shot twice in the head.

"He had her walk to her death, there was mud on her foot," she said.

Golsby's defense attorneys did not dispute his role in the crime but alleged that prosecutors had not met their burden of proof.

The Tokes left the courthouse without speaking to reporters. They wore Tiffany blue ribbons - Reagan's favorite color.

Today would have been Reagan's 23rd Birthday.

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