BrewDog to launch craft beer airline with round-trip between London and Columbus


Craft brewer BrewDog is offering beer lovers an immersive experience 35,000 feet in the air with the launch of the world’s first craft beer airline.

BrewDog Airlines is scheduled to take flight in February 2019 with a round-trip from London, England to Columbus, Ohio.

The BrewDog Airlines experience will take place between February 21 and 25.

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The trip includes a four-night stay in Columbus with a tour of local breweries, bars and restaurants. BrewDog says guests will also take a day trip to Cincinnati for additional brewery tours.

When asked if a trip originating from Columbus is in the works, a BrewDog spokesperson tells 10TV, "We would love to offer trips from Columbus to our homeland in Scotland to show our extended family where we’re from, but for now we have no scheduled plans for this – if we see enough demand, you never know!"


James Watt, cofounder of BrewDog, said: “We took craft beer to the depths of the seas when we brewed an IPA at the bottom of the North Sea. Now, we’re turning to the skies aboard BrewDog Airlines. We’re on a mission to open minds and excite people about what craft beer is and can be. Booking a seat on the plane is a must for any serious beer lover. BrewDog Airlines will be an experience like no other, we’ve redesigned the flight experience for optimum beer enjoyment - from the food, to the entertainment, the cabin crew and most of all, the specially brewed high-altitude beer."

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