Breast cancer survivor helps other women cope after treatment


When Michele Faith was diagnosed with breast cancer in February of 2018, she was stunned because she said breast cancer doesn't run in her family.

“It does not run in my family, so when I got called back, I didn't think anything of it and I had a partial mastectomy," Faith said. "So, I was pretty shocked to find out I would need 16 chemotherapy treatments."

Faith, who is a survivor, learned over the course of her diagnosis and treatment what it means to endure.

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She's a yoga instructor at Renew Wellness and earned her certification during 16 rounds of chemotherapy.

Six months later, Faith now leads a class through breast cancer treatment and the issues that surface including anxiety, insomnia and fatigue. She uses the very breathing and restorative techniques she practiced herself.

Faith believes that the more you look like you're struggling, the more that people around you worry,

“So I think we, especially as mothers, are just like holding it all together, really trying to make sure we don't upset anybody too much and that gives us extra emotions and thoughts to deal with," Faith said.

The class is offered several times a year. For more information on when it's offered, click here.