Breast cancer risk assessment tests empower women before diagnosis

10TV Valencia Wicker goes through risk assessment test at Spielman Breast Center

Research shows 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime. Doctors say there are things women can do to learn more about their health and just how much of a risk they face when it comes to developing breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tools now offer women a better understanding of their personal risk factors before diagnosis.

The questionnaire examines 7 key risk factors:

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  • Age
  • Age at first period
  • Age at the time of the birth of a first child (or has not given birth)
  • Family history of breast cancer (mother, sister or daughter)
  • Number of past breast biopsies
  • Number of breast biopsies showing atypical hyperplasia
  • Race/ethnicity

The questions are administered through an app which calculates a woman's risk of developing breast cancer within the next 5 years and within her lifetime (up to age 90).

According to research done by Susan G. Komen, women with a 5-year risk of 1.67 percent or higher are classified as "high-risk."

10TV reporter Valencia Wicker took the exam with the guidance of a genetics counselor at the Stephanie Spielman Breast Cancer Center. Click the video above to see her results.