Botched microblading procedure left woman with 4 eyebrows


A Missouri woman is speaking out to educate others after a botched eyebrow procedure.

Last November, 42-year-old Jami Ledbetter went to a woman who claimed to be certified in microblading – a beauty technique that involves tattooing someone’s eyebrows on.

She ended up with botched brows and it killed her confidence.

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“I was devastated. I was even dating a guy and he stopped dating me at that point,” she said.

She couldn’t cover it with make-up and she even went to another woman who said she could ‘camouflage’ her brows but no changes after six weeks.

Ledbetter went to Kara Gutierrez, a licensed and insured tattoo artist, eight weeks ago.

Gutierrez has been in the beauty industry since 2011 and has specialized in permanent cosmetics going on four years that includes tattoo removal.

She’s removing Ledbetter’s messed up brows with a product known as LI-FT. It’s a pigment lightening solution that’s tattooed into the bad ink and has to be removed in eight-week intervals.

Gutierrez worries more and more women will end up in situations like Ledbetter’s because microblading isn’t regulated in some states.

Ledbetter will have to have a few more procedures before her botched brows are healed.

The cost of having them fully removed will add up to around $1,000.