'Boot Camp' program combines community wellness with ROTC fitness


From the stadium steps to the sidelines, hundreds of people took to Ohio Stadium Wednesday afternoon to promote community wellness and support for military members.

The Ohio State University ROTC Wellness Boot Camp is free to the community and involves teams of four to six people competing in everything from running the stadium stairs, to push-ups while wearing weighted vests, to group sit-ups using telephone poles, based on preferred physical activity level.

10TV talked with Ohio State’s chief wellness officer, Bernadette Melnyk, PhD., who said that culture is at the heart of the event.

“At Ohio State, we recognize it is critical to build a wellness culture in which healthy choices are the default choice or the norm, so we work really hard on providing a menu of options for people to be well,” Dr. Melnyk said. “This is one awesome option every year in the Shoe.”

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