Body camera footage shows Shawnee Hills Police Chief OVI arrest


UPDATE: Prosecutor files motion to dismiss OVI case against Shawnee Hills police chief



A Central Ohio Police Chief charged with OVI was seen leaving a local bar moments before his arrest.

Shawnee Hills Police Chief Russell Baron was arrested by a Delaware County Sheriff's detective on February 6th around 10:30 p.m.

His attorney said he had one drink at the Bogey Inn, when someone identified him and called the Sheriff's Department dispatch center about the chief drinking.

The Sheriff's Department said Barons was also seen at Largo's which next to the Bogey Inn.

Chief Baron was pulled over at Dublin Road and Home Road.

According to the Sheriff's report, Chief Baron was also charged with possession of a firearm in the bar. That's a felony.

His attorney tells 10TV, his client never had his gun with him in the bar.

According to the body camera video released Thursday, Chief Baron tells the detective that he is armed. The detective is seen taking the gun away.

The Detective tells the Chief he was pulled over because he couldn't read his license plate.

When asked if he's had anything to drink, Chief tells the officer: "One Pabst. I'm not stupid."

The detective later responds, "Just one, right? Smells like you had more than one."

The video shows the Chief going through a field sobriety test, but it's unclear why the officer decided to arrest him.

The video also shows the Chief being put in handcuffs.

The Chief's lawyer, Brad Koffel, tells 10TV his client passed the field sobriety test.

He also argues, that because the Chief was pulled over for an obstructed license plate, not a moving violation, he doubts the OVI charge will stand.

According to the citation written by the Detective, Chief Russell Baron's blood alcohol level was tested .04. Baron was driving an unmarked Shawnee Hills Police SUV.

So how can he be charged with OVI when the legal limit in Ohio is a blood alcohol of .08? DUI Defense attorney John Saia says blood alcohol isn't the sole reason to make an arrest.

"The officer would use things like driving cues, for example, there are 26 driving cues that an officer is looking for what are called indicators of impairment," Saia said.

I spoke to the Mayor Of Shawnee Hills who called the arrest unfortunate.

He says he plans to tighten village policy to make sure employees know they are not allowed to drive village vehicles while consuming alcohol.