Bluestone general manager explains hurdles of rebuilding architecture at Notre Dame cathedral

Blue Stone Event Venue, Columbus Ohio (WBNS-10TV)

Those who maintain historic buildings were shocked and saddened to see the massive fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral.

The Bluestone, formerly the First Baptist Church in downtown Columbus, was built in 1898.

General Manager Hank Straty was brought in nine years ago to restore the building and turn it into the sought-after entertainment venue it is currently.

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He has learned historical architecture cannot be replicated and was upset to see the fire at Notre Dame.

“The tools that they used and the workmanship has almost been lost in our world,” said Straty.

Straty went on to say the interior of Notre Dame is very similar to The Bluestone, mostly wood which is scary when a fire takes hold.

Blue Stone Event Venue, Columbus Ohio (WBNS-10TV)