Blood donors are heroes to family of young cancer patient


If you are fortunate enough to be healthy and fit, you can share your good health. Right now, the American Red Cross of Central Ohio needs you to roll up your sleeve because there’s an urgent need for blood.

At a recent blood drive held on the campus of The Ohio State University, donors showed up wanting to help.

“I work at the hospital, so I know that there’s a constant need. There are a lot of sick people who are constantly needing blood and so it’s really good to come out and do your part,” said Ian Breitz.

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By donating blood, you are literally giving your good health to others. Morgan Twehues knows just how important that is. Her 5-year-old daughter, Emery, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

“Because she gets that intense chemotherapy, she does receive a lot of blood products,” Twehues said. “So, last month alone, she received four platelet transfusions and three blood transfusions.”

Emery doesn’t know much about her cancer diagnosis and her need for those transfusions. Her mom says that’s a good thing. “Emery doesn’t understand that her life is at risk, the way that we do,” she told 10tv.

The family knows just how vitally important blood donations are, and they are thankful. They consider each and every blood donor a hero.

“Every time they hang a bag of platelets or blood up on her IV pole, I wish whoever donated that could see who it’s going to. There would be no chance for her to live, taking that chemotherapy, if it weren’t for the blood products,” Twehues said. “We can buy her chemo, we can pay for her physicians, but we cannot pay for the blood products that she receives.”

For that, this family depends on you.

You can donate blood this Wednesday, August 29 at the 10TV and WNCI Blood Give-In 2018 at the Lifetime Fitness in Dublin. For details, go to and make plans to give the gift of life.