Blinded Veteran Creates Device To Deliver Candy For Canal Winchester Parade


One veteran didn't need sight to make his vision come to life. 

A retired Navy sailor, blinded in service, found a way to get candy to the kids in Canal Winchester in the most creative way this Labor Day.

Retired Navy sailors John and Marshell Crabtree always line up for the parade but this year, their approach is a little different.

"I think I talked about it a lot, that's what stuck with some of my friends so they held me to it and I had to follow through," John said.

He thought the candy throwing to the kids needed a little oomph.

"He said ‘get some wood’ and ‘get some of this’ and I'm thinking what is he doing?"  Marshell said.

John took an old wagon, a trash can, a Lazy Susan, some PVC pipe and a couple air compressors and his candy cannon came to life.

With sound effects and all, the cannon shoots candy to the kids gathered to watch the parade.

"His vision was there the whole time," Marshell said.

John saw it clearly even though he lacks sight.

John was providing security for Marines in Iraq in 2006 when they were hit by an IED.  A fellow Navy sailor was killed. 

Now, John marches for the VFW in memory of soldiers lost and in hopes of making others smile.

"He's just got that can do and will do attitude," Marshell said.  "He doesn't have to have eyes to do it, he knows."