Black Pride 4 group hosts discussion on Pride Parade incident

Black Pride 4 group hosts discussion on Pride Parade incident

Just one week after a group staged a protest in the middle into a community meeting, Black Queer and Intersectional Columbus hosted a meeting of their own.

“A lot of good points were made by us, there was a lot of good conversation started by us,” group member Wriply Bennet said.

“There were a lot of issues that were raised that no one knew about it.”

Those issues --transphobia, racism, and homophobia within the LGBTQ community -- were the center of this protest at the Columbus Pride Parade in June.

Four people were arrested by Columbus Police after several protesters attempted to block the parade with seven minutes of silence.

The protesters and some members of the LGBTQ community expressed disappointment with what they are calling a slow and unsympathetic response from Stonewall of Columbus following the arrests.

although many showed support for the groups arrested protestors, now known as the Black Pride 4, the meeting was attended by those who didn't disagree their message but the way in which it was delivered.

“It's not going to happen when we are yelling at each other when we are hijacking each other and making the conversation one sided,” AJ Casey said.

Members of Black Pride 4 say they will continue to address the issues impacting their community.

Representatives from Stonewall Columbus were at the meeting but did not speak. A statement regarding the arrests at the parade were mentioned in a message posted to the groups Facebook page, reading in part:

Stonewall Columbus has already started conversations with Chief Jacobs and others at the Columbus Division of Police (CDP). We have asked them to examine CDP policies with respect to the use of chemicals, the policing of LGBTQ community events, and the de-escalation of interactions with LGBTQ citizens, specifically LGBTQ people of color.