Bikes for All People celebrates 5 years, 80 free bikes to Columbus children


One Columbus organization has given away dozens of bicycles to children in its community over the last five years.

"They got along really well," Ed Miner said. "They worked together well."

Miner is talking about his recent group of children; 11-year-old Anthony and 12-year-olds Kamille and George. They are the latest to go through the Bikes for All People project that provides professional, reliable and affordable bikes to the public.

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Miner says they learn a few things, like how to take care of their own bike and how to ride safely on the streets.

It also teaches them patience and responsibility. The bikes they're riding were repaired by them.

"The work that I did on it was [I] put the brakes on," George said.

"I adjusted the chains right there," Kamille said.

"The only thing I really had to do was change the bearings in here and adjust the chain a little bit," Anthony said.

Anthony, 11, stands next to his new bike.

The children, as part of the program, selected a used bike from Miner's shop. Then, over six weeks or so, they do all the work to get them running.

They say they are happy for the chance to learn so much.

"I want to say thank you for giving us the chance to do this," Anthony said.

The bikes, along with bike locks and helmets are given to the children for free.

"They get a free bike and they get to learn how to take care of it and they can take care of it in a way that doesn't really cost their family any resources," Miner said.

In almost five years, with about 80 children taking part in the program, Miner has given away thousands of dollars worth of inventory for free.

"In terms of the equipment that we've done, it's probably about $15,000-$20,000 worth of stuff," he said.

Miner says other funds are raised through donations and grant money.