Bike Helmet Safety Awareness Month


COLUMBUS, Ohio -- May is Bike Helmet Safety Awareness Month.

According to the Ohio Chapter, American Academy o Pediatrics, just 10-20% of children wear bike helmets. However, 75% of bike-related deaths would be prevented with a helmet.

Dr. William Cotton with the Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics joins 10TV's Karina Nova to discuss how to properly fit a child for a helmet.

Properly Fitting a Bike Helmet

  • Place the helmet low on the forehead, just above the eyebrows.
  • Helmet straps should be snug under the chin so the helmet stays in that position.
  • Helmet should not move back and forth or side to side and should not be worn on the back of the head.

Ohio AAP has launched its "Put a Lid on It!" program. It is a partnership with the Ohio Department of Transportation and Honda of America Manufacturing. More than 8,000 bicycle helmets will be distributed this spring as part of the program.

Ohio AAP has provided nearly 50,000 helmets since the beginning of the program.

Get more information on bike helmet safety and the Put a Lid on It! program here.