Bigger domestic violence shelter under construction in central Ohio


Those in the midst of a domestic violence situation will soon have a new safe haven in central Ohio.

The CHOICES Domestic Violence Shelter is being upgraded to a new 46,000 square foot facility. For the safety of those seeking refuge, the locations of both facilities are unlisted.

“When someone calls in imminent danger even if we don’t have a bed we will find room for them,” Jamie Jones, a case manager with CHOICES domestic violence shelter, said.

Jones says she helps domestic violence survivors with housing, counseling and safety plans but there often isn’t enough room to accommodate everyone’s needs.

“Sometimes we have three or four families in one room, you will have a mother sleeping on a bunk bed with three of her children.”

Shelter directors say the current location has 51 beds but the demand is higher than the shelter can service.

CHOICES staff says they frequently house 73-75 people a night while keeping a continuous waiting list.

But a new CHOICES Domestic Violence Shelter is looking to give even more survivors a sense of security.

Dozens gathered Friday as the roof was raised on the new 46,000 square foot facility.

It will offer more security, a playground even a kennel so those escaping violent situations don’t have to leave their family pets behind.

The new center will also offer 120 beds.

The CHOICES center is scheduled to open by the end of the year.