Big passion for miniature race cars


Growing up, it's possible some kids got into slot car racing. But there are some who continuing racing into adulthood.

This past weekend they held the 10th annual Ohio Cup Slot Car Races in Hilliard. Just under 70 competitors from 13 states and Canada were on hand.

And these kids are certainly older kids.

“I am the oldest kid my wife has," race director Myron Benner said. “I am 53 years old. There are all age spans here. My dad got me started in this when I was young."

Competitors came from as far away as California and there was even one gentleman from Ontario, Canada.

The cars they race cost around $150 apiece and they even have pit areas where they can work on their cars.

Ken Ott of Dayton went on to win his third Ohio Cup Championship Saturday.

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